Why You Should Use a Licensed Wheelchair Transport Company

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Why You Should Use a Licensed Wheelchair Transport Company

Franck Saragossi, Jolly Transport   Sept 1st, 2011

Use only licensed wheelchair transportation companies for your safety.

A medical practice, in Palm Beach County, FL, provides a courtesy shuttle for their patients. This is a popular service, however, with the decrease in Medicare reimbursement, the added cost of the vehicle, driver and insurance makes it prohibitive. Many practices have chosen to subcontract their transportation service, at no charge to the patient or charging a nominal fee.

Any transportation for pay, including Taxi, Limosine, Shuttle service, Car service, Wheelchair or Stretcher service, falls under the jurisdiction of the Vehicle For Hire section of the Consumer Affairs Division of Palm Beach County. The Consumer Affairs Division’s mission is to protect the consumer by enacting ordinances that licensed companies adhere to. Jolly Transport LLC is a member of the Advisory Committee to the Vehicle For Hire section of the Division.  

Legal or legitimate transportation companies are listed on the Consumer Affairs website. They have licensed vehicles displaying the current year’s decals on their windshields, such as pictured. Their drivers have ID badges that are worn at all times. Legitimate companies operate to provide you, the consumer, with the best service with your safety in mind.

Unlicensed companies don’t have the insurance that cover accidents while in the vehicle or during transfer of a patient from an office to the vehicle. Their drivers’ background or driving record has not been verified nor can you be certain that they are drug free.

Whether you are using a wheelchair transportation service for yourself, for a patient in a facility or a patient at home, order your wheelchair services from a licensed company for your peace of mind and your patient’s protection.

Jolly Transport is licensed in Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida. Please call us at 561-210-5005 or schedule a ride online at www.jollytransport.

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