Doctor Visits

Wheelchair and Stretcher transportation for Doctor’s and Therapy visits

Ask for our Frequent Rider Promotion: after 12 round trips, the 13th round trip is FREE, of comparable distance.

Wheelchair transportation:

We offer door to door service opposed to curb to curb. The difference is significant for wheelchair transportation. Our drivers pick our passengers up at their front door or room in a facility/hospital and bring them to our specially designed ADA vans. Wheelchairs are secured with 4 point retractor devices and the passenger is secured with lap and shoulder straps. Once at the doctor’s office, we sign our passenger in at the front desk and give them a card to call us for the return trip after the doctor’s visit. It couldn’t be simpler. Aides, caretakers or family members can ride along at no additional cost.

 Stretcher transportation:

We offer bed to bed service and assist in the transfer of the patient onto our Ferno stretcher.  We always have two specially trained personnel for the transfer to and from the stretcher for the patient’s safety.